In the aftermath of a historical political divide in Brazil, comes a question of interest to all na-tions: what is needed to bridge these differences and reset socio-economical development?

The 2017 Brazil Conference presents an opportunity to maturely discuss central problems and work on a sustainable agenda to address these and other challenging issues. While centered on tolerance, openness, and impartiality, we aim to create a welcoming, free space where people with different backgrounds and opinions can exchange ideas and, most importantly, resonate their thoughts.

The third edition of the Brazil Conference takes place at Harvard University and the Massachu-setts Institute of Technology (MIT) on April 7th and 8th. The conference is organized by Brazilian students from both universities and features political leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, social activists, and artists as speakers. The mission of this edition is to pro-mote dialogue between different sectors of Brazilian society. We hope to provide a platform for a diverse and constructive debate concerning our country’s future.

There are four pillars for the sessions of the Conference: Foundations, People, Globe and Imag-ination. The first panel discusses the country’s main structural issues and potential solutions to the institutional and political crisis. The second panel focuses on strategies to build a more equitable country through public health, security, and education. The third panel highlights Brazil’s role in a global perspective. Finally, the fourth panel discusses how innovation in pub-lic and private management can change the future of Brazil.

With the dual objective of fostering debate and promoting a call to action, we launched the Ambassadors Program and the HackBrazil. The Ambassadors Program, which received more than 8,000 applications, selected five highly engaged impressive undergraduates in their Brazilian universities, one from each region of the country, to participate in the event. These ambassadors will have the responsibility to continue this year edition’s discussions in their respective schools to amplify these important debates among the younger generations in the country.

The second initiative, HackBrazil, is a competition to transform Brazilian creativity into techno-logical solutions with the potential to solve some of the country’s major challenges. More than 350 teams registered for the competition and the winners, who will be announced during the conference, will receive mentorship from Harvard and MIT alumni to develop their projects. We believe there is no better way to contribute to our country than to leave our differences aside and work together to make Brazil a more inclusive, efficient and sustainable nation. We hope you have a truly transformative experience here in Cambridge.

Brazil Conference Team